Lady Lynne starts 2nd Career in North Carolina

After weighing the pros and cons of continuing her race career, HnR decided that the potential economic benefits did not out weigh the opportunity to retire her completely sound, thus giving her the best possible chance for a successful career. Lady Lynne is a full sibling to our promising 3 yo colt, Nimitz @PABred who has won 3 times in 7 starts.

HnR is pleased to report that our homebred, PABred, 4 yo filly has found a promising new home in North Carolina via the After The Races Program. ( Lady Lynne, produced 2 wins, 2 places and 2 shows in 13 starts coming into her 4 yo season. After a lay-off it was the assessment of all involved that Lady Lynne’s talent would place her in the claiming ranks as a competitor.

Lady Lynne with Mom Stormy Randie

Lady Lynne grew up to be a statuesque, bay filly standing over 16 hands.

Lady Lynne winning at Delaware Park on 9/30/21

Her brother Nimitz 2 weeks in to an 8 week refresher before returning to training with Phil Schoenthal at Fair Hill Training Center in El

Nimitz wins ALO @Penn National

HnR’s Shoscombe Prince Equestrian Career Progresses

Four Year old Bluegrass Cat Colt Fast Learner Smooth Jumper

Shoscombe Prince Leaps in Eventing Care

Shoscombe Prince by Blue Grass Cat o/o Fly Down Too by Mineshaft continues progress in his 2nd career as an equestrian eventer. Bred to race, HnR with great optimism, named him Shoscombe Prince after one of our beloved Sherlock Holmes Mysteries by Arthur Conan Doyle.

After graduating from his initial training at Eagle Point Farm, The Prince arrived at the track to become a race horse. Though all class, sound and very intelligent, his trainer determined that The Prince did not possess the requisite speed for a successful racing career.

Being a realistic regarding our horses prospects, and believing the value of the horse over his entire life is critical, The Prince was retired completely sound and un-raced . In order to give The Prince a strong lift into a productive 2nd career, he was placed with Carleigh Fedorka’s Sewickley Stables for equestrian training. Given his demeanor, talent and physical make-up he quickly found a home with an adult equestrian in Kentucky.

Lady Lynne moves to 2nd Career

4 yo Jump Start Filly Concludes 13 race Career 2 wins 2 place 2 show completely sound, moving to post race career

HnR Horseracing decided to retire Lady Lynne, PABRED, Homebred rather than compete at lower claiming ranks where she remained competitive. Retiring sound, in our view, gives Lady Lynne the best chance to find the perfect forever home.

Lady Lynne Winning at Delaware Park

Lady Lynne winning her final career race at Delaware Park Sept 2021

Beyond the Races has undertaken the task of finding Lady Lynne her post racing home. Check out this overview on Beyond the Races FACEBOOK PAGE.