Living Magic (KY) Catch a Glimpse Stakes Woodbine Race Track

Living Magic (KY) parades outdoor paddcock at Woodbine

Living Magic returned to Woodbine off her success in the My Dear Stakes to participate in the Catch a Glimpse Stakes going 6.5 furlongs on the E.P. Taylor Turf course. We wanted to give her a chance to run on the turf for the first time, go a bit longer at 6.5 furlongs and face a field that made sense in terms of experience and capability.

Living Magic tires last 220 yards

Though Living Magic (KY) had five weeks between races, several things did not go as planned. The first problem was arranging return transportation to home base at Fair Hill, MD. after the My Dear Stakes. Basically, Living Magic (KY) was stuck in Canada for a week after the race instead of an ideally quick return to home base. Second, Living Magic (KY) managed to bump her front leg which resulted in some swelling and concern. Leg was scanned and leg returned to normal in a couple days, but further interrupted the normal intra race routine. Finally, Living Magic (KY) came down with a temperature spike accompanied by significant mucous about 10 days pre race. Once again Living Magic (KY) responded to treatment and scopes indicated the mucous had cleared. Lengthy debate ensued regarding whether the bug had taken anything out of her and whether her respiratory system was clear.

Trainer Phil Schoenthal saddles Living Magic (KY) At a Glimpse Stakes Woodbine

Since no lingering affects of Living Magic’s (KY) bug were observable, the field came up as expected with a good post position draw and we were able to book Antonio Gallardo, the jockey who won the Catch a Glimpse last year,, the decision was to go back to Canada and run in the Catch a Glimpse.

Living Magic (KY) brain trust l-r Phil Schoenthal, Carl McEntee, Antonio Gallardo, Hank Nothhaft, Nathan Squires

Living Magic (KY) ran well, but tired very late in the race leading to a disappointing result. We had Living Magic (KY) scoped immediately after the race and much to our chagrin and relief showed large amounts of mucous. Clearly the exertion of the race had demonstrated that Living Magic’s bug had not resolved itself.

Living Magic (KY) marches back to stable post Catch a Glimpse Stakes

This time, Living Magic (KY) was able to return to Fair HIll the day after the race. She has been on a regimin of anti biotics and rest. Living Magic (KY) is scheduled to return to the track for light training on August 28th.

Living Magic enjoying pre race bath Woodbine

It is clear that Living Magic (KY) performance was compromised during the Catch a Glimpse. Whether she would have won or not, we will never know, but clearly Living Magic (KY) would have run substantially better w/o this condition. From what we know, we are going to put a big line through this race. Our plans are to give Living Magic (KY) plenty of time before her next start and make sure she is at the top of her game before entering the starting gates again. We are just grateful that Living Magic (KY) came out of the race in good order and flu bug is resolved.

Living Magic (KY) anticipating At a Glimpse Stakes Woodbine
Living Magic (KY) chilling pre race Woodbine

Author: Henry Nothhaft

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