Nimitz & Prodigy Doll return to the work tab for HnR Nothhaft Horseracing

Prodigy Doll back at Fair Hill

Nimitz and Prodigy Doll have returned to training after multi month lay offs for Hank Nothhaft’s HnR Nothhaft Horseracing (HnR) Nimitz started the year well, posting 2 wins in 4 starts along with a place. His last race was a win in an open Allowance race at Penn National posting a career best E93. Post race, Nimitz was off a bit and it turned out to be a tiny bone chip which was removed.

The insignificance of the chip was indicated by only a 90 day layoff. Anything of consequence requires at least six months. Nimitz kept well during his layoff and came back to the track looking fit with good condition. Nimitz has been training forwardly and now is ready to return to the races. Nimitz should run in the first half of November.

Nimitz 5/8 work Fair Hill 21 Oct 2022

Prodigy Doll was turned out after losing her edge earlier this year. There were no soundness issues involved. Also, Prodigy Doll (KY) did not seem to be coping well with the heat of the summer.

The refresh seems to have agreed with Prodigy Doll (KY). Her energy level is very high and her enthusiasm for training has returned. Today’s work was outstanding. Prodigy Doll (KY) is likely to return to the races in late November/early December.

Prodigy Doll works 3/8 in 36 at Fair Hill

Author: Henry Nothhaft

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