MyRacehorse launches offering of HnR bred 2 yo American Pharoah colt o/o Kindle

Last September Hank Nothhaft (HnR Nothhaft Horseracing LLC) sold an American Pharoah yearling colt at the Keeneland September Sale for $300,000. On the other side of the transaction was MyRacehorse, the immensely successful pioneer of micro share offerings in thoroughbred horses. MyRacehorse has created an exceptional proposition to sell micro shares in Kindle 21.

Kindle 21 colt by American Pharoah

This MyRacehorse video outlines the exciting possibilities of the KIndle 21 offering.

This chart summarizes the American Pharoah-Kindle Colt plan.

The Kindle 21 American Pharoah Summary Chart

Go to MyRacehorse website for the full details of the offering:

Author: Henry Nothhaft

Owner of HnR Nothhaft Horseracing LLC Check out Hank's biography on Linked-In